Troy Plumbing Membership


Troy Plumbing members can count on quicker scheduling with small arrival window times. Your call receives priority status and moved to the top of our list. In many instances, we may be able to schedule an approximate arrival time instead of a window.

Discount on RepairS

With a Troy Plumbing membership, you will receive a discount on any drain cleaning at your property. We also offer discounts on water heater installation and upgrades. The greatest benefit of membership is that our service call rate applies to any call any day of the week.

Yearly Inspections

Want to know where your plumbing at your home or place of business stands? With a Troy Plumbing membership we include a yearly thorough inspection where our plumbers will review all of your plumbing and make recommendations to fix anything that is an issue.

Special Offers

Membership has its perks and at Troy Plumbing you will have access to monthly emails that will offer you special discounted pricing offers and special services only offered to our Troy Plumbing members. This program can save you thousands long term.

Your inspection includes:

  • Dye-test every toilet.
  • Check all emergency shut-off valves.
  • Verify that all your pop-up assemblies work.
  • Check for gas and water leaks at the heater.
  • Inspect all your exposed water supply lines.
  • Inspect exposed drains for leaks.
  • Examine washing-machine hoses.
  • Check for excessive water pressure.
  • Inspect lawn faucets.
  • Check the gas connections and appliances.
  • Inspect the water-heater flue pipe.

Troy Plumbing memberships must be paid in full at time of joining. The membership is nonrefundable and doesn’t include plumbing remodels, re-piping or installations.

The term of each membership is for one calendar year. The membership will auto renew yearly. Troy Plumbing will schedule repairs based on urgency. We make every effort to schedule and arrive as agreed upon. This membership can be moved to a new residence but cannot be transferred to a new property owner.

Membership for commercial spaces cannot be transferred.

Management company membership plans can be ordered based on a property, number of services per month or based on an ownership organization. Please call us for specifics.