With awesome benefits that give you the plumbing peace of mind you need as a homeowner, the Gold Membership Plan is a group you’ll want to be a part of!

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Priority Customer Status
We believe you deserve extra-special attention. That’s why when it gets really busy here at Troy Plumbing, your plumbing emergency receives priority status, moved to the top of the list above all new customers. You will also receive shorter window times and in some cases approximate appointment times.

Discount on Repair Services
With Gold Membership, you receive a 10% discount on any drain cleaning at your property and 5% discount on water heater installation, accessories, and code upgrades. Plus, you won’t have to worry about paying consultation fees when work is performed during normal hours.

Schedule Yearly Inspections
Gold Membership also gets you a thorough maintenance inspection of your entire plumbing system once a year for free. One of our professional technicians will review all of your plumbing and make specific recommendations based on what is currently in your home. You can put your worries aside, knowing that each year a trained technician will review your property’s plumbing—problems or not.

Your inspection includes:

We dye-test every toilet.
We examine faucets to ensure they are  functioning properly.
We verify that all your pop-up assemblies work.
We inspect all your exposed water supply lines.
We inspect exposed drains for leaks.
We examine washing-machine hoses.
We inspect lawn faucets.
We check the gas connections to your home and all appliances.
We inspect the water-heater flue pipe.
We check for gas and water leaks at the heater.
We check for excessive water pressure in the home.
We inspect main clean-outs and the main water shut-off valve.
We verify the functioning of the T&P safety valve on your water heater.
We check all emergency shut-off valves.

Special Offers
From time to time, our preferred customers receive special offers on top of the benefits above. These include special savings and even special services we choose to offer only to a select group of our very best customers: our Gold Members.

Memberships must be paid in full and are nonrefundable in whole or in part. Membership does not
cover remodels, subsurface repairs, re-piping, water
conditioning, or bath and shower installation. Discount
may not apply to other special pricing or promotions.
Terms are for a period of 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years
depending on the selection at the time of purchase.
During high-volume periods or extreme weather, Troy Plumbing
will schedule repairs by priority or need accordingly:
Repairs for medical needs, no hot water, and no use of
the plumbing system may take priority to non-emergency
situations. The membership is location specific and
transferrable to a new homeowner upon written
notification to Troy Plumbing and payment of a $50
transfer fee. Terms subject to change.