Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies happen when you least expect it and never at a convenient time. You can rely on the experts at Troy Plumbing to help you no matter what your emergency needs are. Our courteous staff will be there to help you from the beginning until a point of resolution. Our goal is to make you comfortable and to eliminate the stress of a plumbing emergency. Call 619-210-0281 for your plumbing emergency at your home, office or place of business.

What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

It is pretty simple – anything that causes damage if left unattended or will get worse as the hours progress is an emergency. Some examples of a plumbing emergency would be flooding, pipes that have bursted, a water heater issue, no water, a clogged drain or a gas leak. Calling Troy Plumbing is the first step in fixing your emergency plumbing issue. We will walk you through all of the actions you can take prior to our arrival and will give you an estimated time of arrival. When you have an emergency, Troy Plumbing will help you every step of the way!

We WILL arrive quickly

We will dispatch our team as quick as possible to help you with your plumbing emergency. We know San Diego and will be there fast!

Water Heater REplacement

Troy Plumbing and our plumbers are water heater installation experts! You can trust or knowledge and experience to not only get the job done quick but to provide you with the best quote possible to get your water heater up and running for the lowest price possible. We are always much lower than our competitors. We guarantee that all work completed by our plumbers will be in accordance with all safety codes and manufacturer guidelines.


Electric water heaters are luckily for their owners the cheapest to purchase and install. The downside is that due to the use of electrical power, they cost more to operate than gas powered heaters.


A gas water heater is more expensive to purchase and install but long term you are looking at a cheaper operating cost. One item that you must be aware of, all gas water heaters require that there be venting to the outside.


Tankless water heaters are the latest and greatest when it comes to technology of water heaters. They are energy efficient because it heats water on demand. There is a higher cost to purchase and install. Call Troy Plumbing today to learn more about this new technology.

GENERAL Plumbing Services

  • Fixture Installs
  • Clogged Drains
  • Plumbing Installs
  • Leak Detection
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Water Heaters
  • Slab Leaks
  • Pressure Regulation
  • Backflow Testing

Competitive Pricing

Our upfront pricing is always competitive and transparent. We will match and even beat quotes from our competitors.


We know your time is important! We will make every effort to arrive during our designated arrival window.

professional PLUMBERS

Our plumbers are experienced, professional and knowledgeable to fix all your plumbing needs.

Why Choose Us?

Richie and Jr completed my project in two days and did an excellent job. They were both very friendly, professional, and efficient at completing the project.

Jeremiah F.

Just like many of the other reviews, I also had a very positive experience with Troy Plumbing.  Very responsive, showed up in the window they specified, came in on budget and agreed upon price.

Tanya L.

Very responsive, showed up in the window they specified, came in on budget and agreed upon price (which was a very reasonable). I contacted a few others and Troy plumbing was really the best option in terms of willingness to take the job, understand the scope and timing.  I highly recommend Troy plumbing and would use them again!

Eduard MORIO

Let us solve your Plumbing problems.

Do yourself a favor! Don’t try to fix your own plumbing problems. The majority of the issues we handle require knowledge and experience to fix them.  And in many instances, they are projects that are more complicated that they appear to be. We will fix your plumbing issue to the best of our abilities and explain every step that is needed for complete resolution.

Call Troy Plumbing today to schedule a time for one of our knowledgeable plumbers to come to your home, office or place of business to solve your plumbing needs.

Our Standards

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority at all times. We are proud of the customer service standard we provide all clients. We aim to always be a 5-star plumbing company.

Quality Products

As our client, we promise to look out for your best interest. We use the highest quality products and never take short cuts to guarantee your satisfied with our performance.

Emergency Service

We are here when you need us! Plumbing is never convenient, and we understand that. Our courteous staff is available to help you through even the worst plumbing emergency.

Clear Affordable Pricing

We are not only transparent about your plumbing issues, we will make certain that you know each and every cost before we begin work.

Superior Warranties

We stand by our work and offer each client written guarantees on labor and parts to always provide our clients with the comfort and security they deserve.


We take every step to insure you, your home and workplace are safe at all times. Masks and gloves are a requirement for our plumbers.